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Customer Visit and Training at ESSOM Factory
ESSOM welcomes Mr. Muhammad Tausif Arshad, Assistant Professor
Factory visit, 13 October 2018
Product training was conducted for business partners from Myanmar, India and Philippines
World Didac Asia Bangkok 2018
ESSOM took part in the International Exhibition World Didac Asia Bangkok 2018, which was held from 10 to 12 October 2018
Customer visit at ESSOM Factory
Mr. Bernardo Olave S. from Gerente General Dytec SPA., Chile, visited ESSOM factory on 08 October 2018.
Customer Training at Pakistan
During 10th -12th July 2018, ESSOM engineering team went to visit our customers at the University of Technology (UOT) in Nowshera, Pakistan. The activity is doing on-site training of TH137 Compact Steam Turbine Power Plant, 1.5 kW.