ESSOM Welcomes students from Thailand and USA for Training

        At ESSOM we are happy to welcome students for on-the-job training. Currently, we have 10 students from Thailand’s Universities (Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, Phetchaburi Rajabhat University and Southeast Asia University) and 1 from Kansas State University (USA). All students are studying Mechanical, Industrial and Civil Engineering Programs.

        The duration of the internship is around 2-3 months (from May until July 2017). Trainees will be involved in office work, production and final test processes supervised by Mr. Prairin Hanwong (Asst. Mgr Production and Quality Control) and Mr. Mohammad Reza Khaleghi Yar Aziz (International Business Engineer).

Final test for TH518, Recirculating Air

Conditioning Unit, with climatic chamber

Final test for HB101-013,

Flow Over a Notch Channel



Design test for ST361C,

Bending Moment in a Frame, Computer Assist

Assembly on HB100, Hydraulics Bench