Customer Inspection and Training at ESSOM Factory

Mr. Naris Srinilta, Managing Director and Mr. Boonyoung Imta, Senior Engineer together with Engr. Qasim Ali, Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering Department and Engr. Fahad Ahmed, Lab Engineer of Civil Engineering Department from University College of Engineering and Technology University of Sargodha, Pakistan, have conducted the inspection and received training at the ESSOM factory on 15-16 August 2017.

The purpose of this inspection and training is to ensure the end user of highest quality and well understanding of the equipment before shipping.

From left to right: Mr Boonyoung, Engr. Ahmed and Mr. Naris are demonstrating Engr. Ali is receiving training on TH527, Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Unit.
HB012, Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus.  
From left to right: Engr. Ahmed, Engr. Ali and Mr. Boonyoung are demonstrating
HP145, Reciprocating Pump Test Apparatus.