Customer Visit and Training at ESSOM Factory

Customer Visit and Training at ESSOM Factory


ESSOM Co., Ltd welcomes Mr. Sachith Fernando an Engineer from A.T.A. INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. located in Sri Lanka for visiting us at our Factory on 18th April, 2023. In this occasion, we have also welcomed Mr. Pol Thev from CDPSS SUPPLIES & SERVICES CO., LTD, Cambodia to join our session.

ESSOM TEAM Welcoming Eng. Sachith Fernando from ATA International, Sri Lanka and Mr. Pol Thev from CDPSS Supplies & Services in front of the factory.

From Left to right: Md. Naris Srinilta, Eng. Reza, Eng. Sureekan, Eng. Maneerattanaphorn 

Back Row from left to right: Deputy Md. Karmon Srinilta, SA. Md. Sunkkatat Nandhabiwat, Mr. Pol Thev and Eng. Sachith Fernando.                            

During his visit we have conducted demonstrations, training, and inspections on our equipment to show its capability in performing experiments on par with the global standards according to current ISO:9001.

(Reference 1.: Training and Inspections on the equipment)

The purpose of our visit is to ensure that our partner and engineers has well understanding of the equipment and well observed on the equipment before shipment.

Upon our meeting we have observed on ESSOM’s Factory Facilities, Equipment trainings and Inspections on Compact steam turbine power plant.

(Reference 2.: Training and demonstration)             (Reference 3.: Inspection and demonstration)

In the end of our visit, Mr. Sachith Fernando has shown his understandings and satisfaction towards our services, facility, and equipment preparations. Mr. Pol Thev has also shown positive approach towards our future B2B cooperations.

We ESSOM appreciate our valuable partners for visiting our Factory and for choosing ESSOM as their Educational Engineering Equipment Supplier. We ESSOM are determined to continue our growth globally.