Customer Visit at ESSOM Co., ltd Factory

Customer Visit at ESSOM Co., ltd Factory
ESSOM Co., Ltd Joyously welcome Mr. Anwar Yousuf owner of Anwar Yousuf Corporations located in Ethiopia for visiting us at our Factory on 26th October, 2023. In this occasion, we have been proposed on business opportunities and discussed terms & conditions on further cooperations in the close future

ESSOM TEAM Joyously welcoming Mr. Anwar Yousuf in front of the factory.
From Left to Right: Md. Naris Srinilta, Deputy Md. Karmon Srinilta, Mr. Anwar Yousuf and Eng. Reza  



During his visit We have observed on ESSOM’s Factory Facilities, manufacturing capabilities, and working environments to provide the best quality and services to our customers with modern technologies handled by professionals.  


In this occasion we have also presented Mr. Anwar with finished products which will be sent to customers worldwide.

We then conducted demonstrations and inspections on our equipment to show its capability in performing experiments on par with the global standards and global competitors according to the ISO:9001:2015

In the end of our visit, Mr. Anwar Yousuf is impressed for the visit at our Factory and showed good feedbacks on our manufacturing equipment facilities. Providing positive feedbacks towards our future B2B cooperations as we accommodate him back to his residence.

We ESSOM appreciate our valuable customers for visiting our Factory and for choosing ESSOM as their Educational Engineering Equipment Supplier. We ESSOM are determined to continue our growth globally.