HB 022 FREE AND FORCED VORTEX, Rotating Paddle

This equipment is designed to produce and measure free and forced vortices. It is to be used with Hydraulics Bench
i.e. HB100 or HB100N (separately supplied).

The equipment consists of a clear acrylic cylinder on a plinth. The free vortex is generated by water discharging
through an interchangeable orifice at the base of the cylinder and the resulting profile is measured by a combined caliper and depth scale. The forced vortex is generated by a paddle at the base of the cylinder which is rotated by jets of water, and the profile is measured by a series of depth gauges. The velocity at any point in the free and forced vortices may be measured using a pitot tube.

  • Determination of the surface profile of a free and forced vortices Determination of velocity
  • Determination of velocity
Orifice diameters  4 different sizes
Distance from center of depth probes 0 to 110 mm.
Pitot tube measuring points 3 different radius.


Net (unassembled) Shipping Dimensions WxLxH 36 x 68 x 40 cm.
Net Weight Approx. 8 kg.