The apparatus is a self contained unit for a studying the water flow through a permeable media.

It consists of a rectangular open top tank mounted on a steel frame.  The front panel is of clear tempered glass to allow observation of flow pattern through permeable media. Other walls and bottom are stainless steel. The rear panel has  pressure tappings with filters. The tappings are connected to a manometer bank for measurement of head distribution.

Two adjustable overflows near each end of the tank are provided to maintain different constant water levels.

A storage tank and a pump provide a recirculatory water system.

The permeable media is contained in the tank by two removable stainless steel mesh baffles-one on each side.  Plate with seals is provided to simulate sheet piling and dams.  A dye injection  system allows visualization of the flow line.

  • Flow under a sheet pile
  • Seepage through an earth embankments.
  • Uplift pressure on structures.
  • Determination of flow nets in permeable media.
Tank inside dimensions :  1500 mm long x 100 mm wide x 580 mm high.      
Pressure tapping points :  14.               
Accessories :                
- End baffles and curved baffle.              
- Dye injection system :  1 set.              
- Manometer :  14 tubes.            
Models :                
- Sheet pile :  1 ea.              
- Stand pipes :  1 set on horizontal base plate.          
  :  1 set vertical wall.          
Power supply :  220 V. 1 Ph., 50 Hz. Other power supply is available on request.  
Net (unpacked) shipping dimensions WxLxH :  70 x 165 x 140 cm      
Net weight :  Approx. 200 kg