The equipment is a self contained unit designed to study the mobile bed formation and two dimensional flow observation The tank is made of stainless steel and consists of five sections.

.  Head tank with perforated plate to minimize turbulence and smoothen the flow.

.  The working section containing sand is for study of the mobile bed formation and to observe two dimensional flow patterns. Wire mesh is provided to contain the sand. Plastics plates are used  when two dimensional flow is to be observed.

.  The storage tank collects discharge from the working section and acts as a reservoir. An adjustable overshot weir is provided to control the water level in the working section.  The tank also has a sand  trap to collect the over-spilled sand.

.   A pump to draw water from the storage tank and deliver it to the head tank.      A water meter, and a flow control valve are also supplied.

.  An instrument  carriage traveling on stainless steel tube rails attached to the edges of the working section are designed such that the carriage can travel length wise and crosswise over the working section. A stainless steel vernier hook and point gauge is attached to the carriage to measure the sand profile level.

The first three sections are joined together by flanges and the pump unit is connected to the system by flexible hoses. Various models are supplied to simulate different flow obstructions and diversions. An aluminium dust or equal is supplied for two dimensional flow observations.

  • Sand bed formation under various flow rates.
  • Erosion of sand bed around piers or branch  canal.
  • Two dimensional flow pattern around pier and branch canal.
Head tank   :  Stainless steel.            
Working section  :  Stainless steel,  610 mm wide,  2000 mm long, and 150  mm high.  
Storage tank :  Stainless steel with adjustable overshot weir.      
Instrument carriage with two direction rails            
Hook and point gauge    :  1 ea.              
Flow measurement :  Water meter and stop watch          
-  Acrylic plates                
-  Bridge piers :  Rectangular, rounded ends, profiled ends and cylindricals    
-  Aerofoil :  Symmetrical and asymmetrical          
-  Sections for flow direction :  Channels, tees, angles and bell month entries      
-  Aluminum dust or equal :  1 bottle.              
. Power supply :  220 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz. Other power supply is available on request.    
  • HF 501-002  2 m  length working section extension.
  • HP 010 Flow sensor and indicator.
  • Washed sand 200. Kg.
Net (unpacked) shipping dimensions WxLxH :  75 x 395 x 100 cm      
Net weight :  Approx. 450 kg