This is a comprehensive unit for studying the friction losses in pipes, pipe fittings, and valves ; and to determine coefficients of discharge for primary flow measuring devices at various flow rates.

All friction loss components and the flow measuring devices are arranged on a water proof panel which is attached to a floor standing steel frame. The apparatus is intended to be used with a Hydraulic Bench (separately supplied) or an outside water supply.

Friction loss is measured by a pressure drop and coefficient of discharge is determined from a pressure drop and a flow rate. Flow rate is obtained from a water meter and a stop watch. The pressure drop is measured by differential pressure using manometers. Pressure tapping in by valves with quick connection. All pressure taps are connected by flexible hoses to a set of specially arranged manifolds such that differential pressure across any component can be measured simply by opening valves without removing the hoses.

The unit is on a steel frame with adjustable footings.

  • Friction losses in straight pipes at various flow rates.
  • Friction losses in pipe fittings, valves, sudden expansion and contraction at various flow rates.
  • Friction losses in primary flow measuring devices and comparison of coefficients of discharge at various flow rates.
Primary flow measuring devices made from clear plastics      
. Venturi meter, orifice meter, Pitot tube.        
Friction loss components          
. Linear pipes, PVC  :  3 different diameters.      
. Linear pipe, stainless steel   :  1/4 in          
. Valves :  Gate, globe, ball, and check      
. Short radius bends, long radius bends, regular elbow, 45o elbows, 45o y.  
. Other components :  Tee section, inline strainer, sudden expansion and sudden contraction
Measuring instruments            
. Water meter and stop watch          
. Water manometer with hand air pump        
. Differential pressure gauge          
Net (unpacked) shipping dimensions WxLxH :  35 x 245 x 105 cm  
Net weight :  Approx. 99 kg        
  • Hydraulics Bench
  • Variable area flow meter to facilitate the experiments.
  • ISA nozzle
  • Polyethylene Polybutylene or ABS pipe
  • Galvanized steel pipe
  • Artificially roughened pipe
  • Annular pipe
  • Differential pressure digital display instead of mercury manometer.
  • Mercury manometer instead of differential pressure gauge.
  • HF 135S Learning software for HF125 and HF135