HP 405B COMPACT MULTI PUMP TEST SET, Inverter Speed Control

This is a compact self-contained bench top set for studying the characteristics for various types of pumps.

The unit consists of four different types of pump namely-centrifugal, turbine, reciprocating and axial flow pumps and a common storage tank, measuring instruments. Speed control is by an advanced inverter. By manipulating flow control valves and a selector switch, each pump can be operated individually.

Instruction manual is also included.

  • Flow rate vs head at various speeds.
  • Pump input, output, and overall efficiency at various speeds.
  • Effect of pulse chamber for reciprocating pump.
Pumps ratings:
 - Centrifugal pump and motor with maximum flow rate 80 Lpm and maximum head 18 m water
 - Turbine pump and motor with maximum flow rate 30 Lpm and maximum head 30 m water
 - Reciprocating pump and motor with reduction gear, maximum flow rate 15 Lpm at 300 rpm and maximum head 30 m water
 - 69 mm in axial flow pump and motor with metal impeller, guide vanes, shaft and casing, maximum flow rate 400 Lpm and maximum differential head 1.5 m water
Reciprocating pump accessories
  • Pulse chambers with discharge isolating valve
  • Pressure relief valve
Speed control Advanced inverter for controlling and indicating pump speed as well as for calculating motor input power alternatively by selector switches.
Motor for all pumps
Selector switch For operations of each pump alternatively
Measuring instruments
 - Flow rates Water meter and stop watch for centrifugal, turbine and reciprocating pumps
 - Pressures
  • Pressure gauge for centrifugal, turbine and reciprocating pumps at common suction and outlet
  • Differential pressure gauge for axial flow pump
 - Pump speed and motor input power Advanced inverter
 - Sensors with digital display Flow rate for axial flow pump
Power supply 220 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz. Other power supply is available on request.
Part No. Part Name
HF 032A Differential pressure digital display instead of differential pressure gauge
Mercury manometer for axial flow pump instead of differential pressure gauge
Note: Due to transport laws mercury cannot be supplied. Buyer must source it locally.
HP 010A Flow digital display instead of water meter and stop watch
HP 011 Pressure digital display
HP 405-011 Additional pressure gauges for individual pump
HP 405-030 Additional centrifugal pump a pressure gauge and other accessories for series and parallel pumps operation.
HP 405B-050

Computer Interface

Sensors with computer interface unit for key data acquisition instead of analog data measuring instruments.

This includes computer interface unit with a flow sensor instead of a water meter differential pressure sensor and pressure sensors instead of pressure gauges.

Two stage centrifugal pump or other pump combinations can be arranged on request.
Other optional equipment please contact manufacturer (essom@essom.com)


Net (unassembled) Shipping Dimensions WxLxH 85 x 145 x 93 cm.
Net Weight Approx. 160 kg.