This is a small low cost miniature power plant designed for educational purpose.

A hand feed pump supplies water form a feed tank to a small gas fired boiler. Steam is throttled to a single cylinder, double acting reciprocating engine. A small DC generator is connected to the engine by a belt and an electrical load is applied using small light bulbs. Exhaust from the steam engine is condensed in a water cooled condenser. Condensate is collected and returned to a feed water tank. 

Instruments are provided for monitoring and controlling the plant operation and performance as well as for safety.

  • Fuel consumption
  • Efficiencies for boiler, engine, and overall plant.
  • Condenser heat transfer coefficient.
  • Heat balance and energy utilization
. Boiler              
    -   Type    :   Fire tube vertical boiler.        
    -   Capacity :   Upto 5 kg/hr steam at 0.5 Mpa.      
. Boiler accessories :   Safety valve, level gauge.        
. Fuel :   Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)      
. Feed water tank :   Stainless steel with level gauge.      
. Feed pump :   Hand operated.          
. Steam engine              
    -    Type :   Single cylinder, double acting.        
    -    Maximum power :   Mechanical, over 7 W.        
:  Electrical, over 2 W.              
. Power output measurement :   Mechanical brake dynamometer.      
. Electrical power system :   DC generator with resistive load.      
. Condenser :   Shell and tube type.        
. Measuring instruments              
    -    Pressure gauge :   Boiler steam outlet.        
    -    Temperatures :   7 ea.            
    -    Flow meters :   2 ea.            
    -    Engine speed digital display            
    -    Spring balance and weights for dynamometer torque.        
    -    Graduated cylinder, and stop watch for condensate measurement.      
    -    Voltage and current digital display.            
. Accessory :   Boiler cleaning kits.          
. Power supply :   220V 1Ph 50Hz. Other power supply is available on request.  
. Digital flue gas analyzer for O2 and CO contents.          
. Electric boiler instead of LPG boiler.            
. Computer Interface              
  This includes sensorscomputer interface unit and software for data display and analysis by computer (separately supplied).
Net (unpacked) shipping dimensions WxLxH :  76 x 90 x 155 cm      
Net weight :  Approx. 90 kg