The apparatus is used for studying of three types of heat exchangers namely-concentric tube, shell and tube, and plate-under parallel or counter flow conditions.

The unit consists of the three heat exchangers, and a service module. The module comprises a hot water tank with a transfer pump and instruments for monitoring and control. Selection of the heat exchanger is simply done by opening a valve and changing from parallel to counter flow is by switching two flexible hoses. The unit requires outside water supply.

  • Comparison of heat transfer for concentric tube, shell and tube, and plate heat exchanger.
  • Demonstration of heat transfer under parallel or counter flow.
  • Demonstration of batch type heat transfer for jacketed vessel.
  • Determination heat transfer coefficient.
  • Effects of flow rate and temperature difference.
. Heat exchangers:              
   - Concentric tube : 2 sections of stainless steel inner tube with clear acrylic casing.  
   - Shell and tube : Stainless steel inner tubes with clear acrylic casing.    
   - Plate : Stainless steel multiple plates.        
. Service module consisting of  :            
   - Hot water tank and pump.              
   - Heater  : 3000 W.            
   - Temperatures : 14 ea.            
   - Flow meters : Hot water and cold water.        
   - Temperature control unit : 1 ea.            
. Power supply   : 220V 1Ph 50 Hz. Other power supply is available on request.  
. TH 240-050 Computer Interface            
This includes sensors computer interface unit and software for data display and analysis by computer
(separately supplied).              
. TH 240-060 Computer Control              
This includes control motors sensors computer interface unit and software for data display analysis and
control by computer (separately supplied).            
. Stainless steel jacketed vessel with coil and stirrer          
- Vessel content : 2.5 l with a temperature sensor.      
-  Jacket heat transfer area approximately 600 cm2        
-  Coil heat transfer area approximately 350 cm2          
-  Stirrer  : 0- 500 rpm