This is an open circuit air conditioning system with transparent window.

The unit consists of a fan, a compressor and condenser, a humidifier, a preheater, a cooling unit, a reheater, and measuring instruments.

Variable speed inlet fan deliver air to the duct. A steam humidifier injects moisture to the duct inlet. The humidified air passes through a preheater, a cooling unit, and a reheater before exit to the atmosphere. Steam generator, compressor and condenser are underneath the duct.

Instruments are provided for measurement of temperatures, pressures, humidity, air flow velocity, and refrigerant flow rate.

The unit is on a steel frame on wheels.

  • Familiarization with an open air conditioning system and components.
  • Determination of humidification, preheating, cooling and dehumidification, and reheating processes.
  • Energy balance in the preheater, evaporator, and reheater.
  • Demonstration of humidification, preheating, cooling and dehumidification, and reheating processes on psychrometric chart.
  • Demonstration of refrigeration cycle on Pressure-Enthalpy diagram of the refrigerant R134a.
.Air duct : 250 x 250 mm, galvanized steel sheet.      
.Fan maximum airflow  : 750 m3/hr.          
.Humidifier : 1500 W.            
.Preheater : 1500 W.            
.Reheater : 1500 W.            
.Evaporator : 250 x 250 mm.          
.Compressor : 0.55 kW.            
.Refrigerant : R134a.            
.Temperature controller : 1 ea.            
.Measuring instruments              
  -   Sensors with digital display              
      o   Air flow rate : Velocity sensor.          
      o   Temperatures : 9 ea.            
      o   Power measurement  : 4 ea.            
  -   Refrigerant flow meter : 1 ea.            
  -   Portable temperature / humidity meter : 1 ea.            
  -   Pressure gauges : 2 ea.            
.Power supply : 380V 3Ph 50Hz. Other power supply is available on request.  
. Humidity and temperature digital display instead of temperature and humidity meter.    
. TH 516-050 Computer interface            
   Relevant sensor(s) instead of standard measuring device(s) computer interface unit and software for
data display and analysis by computer (separately supplied).        
Net (unpacked) shipping dimensions W x L x H : 70 x 235 x 135 cm.      
Net weight : 200 kg.