This is a cooling tower demonstration unit.

Water is heated in the storage tank, pumped through a flow meter and sprayed at the top of the tower. The packing in the tower breaks the water into thin films and droplets. The water is cooled mainly by evaporation and drops to the bottom tank. Makeup water is admitted to the storage tank through a float valve. A fan with a flow control valve is connected to the bottom tank, and air is driven upwards through the column and exhausted at the top.

Instrument are provided for measurement air flow rate, water flow rate, pressure drop across the cooling tower, temperature and moisture of the inlet and outlet air.

  • Observation of water flow patterns and distribution.
  • Measurement of water and air flow rates, temperatures and humidity.
  • Application of steady flow equation to energy balance.
  • Cooling tower performance at various air and water flow rates with different inlet water temperatures.
. Packed column  :   150 mm x 150 mm x 600 mm high in transparent acrylic with 100 m2/m3 plate packing.
. Blower :   1 ea.              
. Hot water pump :   1 ea.            
. Heater :   1500 W.          
. Storage tank :   Stainless steel.          
. Makeup water tank :   PVC.            
. Temperature control unit.              
. Measuring instruments              
-  Humidity :  1 ea. Portable hygrometer.        
-  Airflow rate :  Inlet orifice and inclined water manometer.    
-  Pressure drop :  Twin inclined water manometer (one for air flow rate) 0-450 mm x 1 mm graduation with 
     multiple slope 1:10, 1:5, and 1:2 for pressure drop across the column.
-  Sensors with digital display : Temperature for water and air inlets and outlets.    
-  Water flow rate : Variable area flow meter.        
. Power supply :   220V 1Ph 50Hz. Other power supply is available on request.  
. Anemometer 1-10 m/s instead of inlet orifice with inclined water manometer.    
. Bare column for student exercise.            
. Special packed column with additional data ports for wet bulbdry bulb and water temperatures at three levels.
. Inlet pipe with portable anemometer 0-10 mps. instead of outlet orifice with inclined water manometer.
. Computer Interface              
This includes sensors computer interface unit and software for data display and analysis by computer 
 (separately supplied).