TH 310 HEAT CONDUCTION, Computer Interface

The unit consists of two parts: a multi section bar for linear heat conduction studies, and a metal disc for radial heat conduction studies.

  • Linear Heat Conduction Unit.
    • The unit has 3 sections which can be pressed tightly together. The first section is for heat input where a heater and three temperature sensors at 10 mm interval are installed. The center section has two temperature sensors at 20 mm interval. The last section is a heat sink section where cooling water and three temperature sensors at 10 mm interval are installed.
    • The center section may be removed and replaced with a smaller heat conduction section or a different heat conduction material. Both replaced sections are without temperature sensors. Matching surfaces of the heat conduction section are accurately finished to minimize conduction resistance and a heat conducting compound may be applied to further reduce resistance. Thermal conductivity of an insulation material can be determined by inserting a thin insulating disc between two heat conduction surfaces.
  • Radial Heat Conduction Unit.
    • The unit consists of a brass disc heated at the center by a heater with cooling water circulating around the periphery. Six temperature sensors are placed along a radius.
    • The metallic parts of both linear and radial heat conduction units are effectively insulated inside plastic casings.
  • A service module provides power supply, heater control unit, and measuring instruments.
    • The test unit requires outside water supply for cooling.

Instruction manual is also included.

  • Heat conduction along a simple bar.
  • Heat conduction along a composite bar.
  • Effect of cross section area.
  • Radial heat conduction.
  • Effect of surface contact.
  • Effect of insulation.
Linear heat conduction:
 - Heating section Brass with temperature sensors
 - Center section different diameter for brass and stainless steel.
 - Cooling section Brass with temperature sensors
Radial heat conduction Brass with temperature sensors
Heaters 2 ea. 120W with dimmer switches
Sensors with digital display
  • Voltage and current for input power measurement
  • Temperatures
Power supply 220 V, 1 Ph, 50Hz. Other power supply is available on request.


Net (unassembled) Shipping Dimensions WxLxH 45 x 65 x 20 cm.
Net Weight Approx. 20 kg.