TH 101 TRAINING BOILER, 100 kg/hr

This is a set of steam boiler and standard accessories for a study of boiler performance.

The basic unit consists of a small industrial boiler with a burner, a feed water system, a fuel system, and instruments for monitoring boiler operation as well as instruments for control and safety. The complete unit is arranged as a package on a pallet for easy site installation. Optional equipments are available for additional experiments.

  • Pressure, temperature and flow measurements.
  • Heat of combustion, heat given to steam, and boiler efficiency.
The boiler set consists of :              
. Boiler unit  :               
   - Type :  Vertical, water tube.        
   - Rated heat output  :  Approx 105 kW. (90,300 k cal/h.)      
   - Equivalent evaporation  :  Approx 100 kg/h steam at 0 MPa gauge.      
   - Maximum working pressure :  Upto 0.7 MPa gauge.        
   - Measuring instruments :  Pressure gauge for steam outlet.      
  :  Temperature sensors and indicator with a selector switch for feed water
     ,outlet steam, and exhaust stack.      
   - Safety devices :  Safety valve.          
  :  Low level alarm.          
   - Boiler accessories :  Steam separator.           
  :  Feed water pump.          
  :  Stack 6 m. stainless steel with elbows.      
. Burner:              
   - Type :  Forced draft, pressure atomized.      
   - Control :  On-Off.            
   - Fuel :  Diesel or kerosene (LPG is available as an option)    
. Fuel system :  Fuel tank, fuel meter and oil strainer.       
. Feed water system :  Resin filter, soft water tank and water meter.    
. Power supply :  220V 1Ph. 50Hz. Other power supply is available on request.  
A. Condenser and Cooling Tower            
Both condencer and cooling tower should be used together.        
TH 102-013   Condenser              
  . Description              
    The unit is used for studying of heat transfer in a heat exchanger as well as recover condensate for reuse.
    The unit consists of a counter flow steam tube heat exchanger and instruments for measurement of temperatures and cooling    
    water flow rate.              
  . Typical experiment              
    - Condenser heat transfer efficiency.            
  . Technical data              
    - Type :  Steam tube          
    - Accessories   :  Cooling water pump condensate transfer pump water meter condensate tank.     
TH 102-014 Cooling Tower.              
  . Description              
    The unit is used for recovering of condenser cooling water as well as studying of cooling tower efficiency.
    The cooling tower is to recycle cooling water in case TH101-013 condenser is used.    
    The unit consists of a cooling tower unit a storage tank a circulating pump and one wet bulb temperature sensor.
  . Typical experiment              
    - Cooling tower efficiency.              
B. TH 101-021  Sand filter for water with suspension materials.        
C. TH 101-022  Carbon filter for water with odour or rust.        
D. Portable pH meter.              
Boiler Package.              
Net (unpacked) shipping dimensions WxLxH :  180 x 300 x 200 cm.      
Net weight :  Approx. 800 kg          
Cooling Tower.              
Net (unpacked) shipping dimensions WxLxH :  110 x 110 x 150 cm.      
Net weight :  Approx. 65 kg