TH 101 TRAINING BOILER, 100 kg/hr

This is a set of steam boiler and standard accessories for a study of boiler performance.

The basic unit consists of a small industrial type boiler with a burner, a feed water system, a fuel system, and instruments for monitoring boiler operation as well as instruments for control and safety. The complete unit is
arranged as a package on a pallet for easy site installation. Optional equipment are available for additional experiments.

Instruction manual is also included.

  • Pressure, temperature and flow measurements.
  • Heat of combustion, heat given to steam and boiler efficiency.

The boiler set consists of:

Boiler unit:
 - Type Vertical, water tube
 - Rated output Approx. 105 kW (90,300 kcal/h)
 - Equivalent evaporation Approx. 100 kg/h steam
 - Maximum working pressure 10 kg/cm2 (0.98 MPa)
 - Measuring instruments Pressure gauge for steam outlet , Temperature sensor and indicator with a selector switch for or feed water, outlet steam and exhaust stack
 - Safety devices Safety valve , Low level alarm
 - Boiler accessories Steam pressure regulator , Steam separator , Feed water pump , Stack, 2x 2.4 m stainless steel with elbows


 - Type Forced draft, pressure atomized
 - Control On-Off
 - Fuel Diesel or kerosene (LPG is available as an option.)
Fuel system Fuel tank, fuel meter and oil strainer
Feed water system Resin filter, soft water tank and water meter.
Power supply 220V, 1 Ph, 50Hz. Other power supply is available on request.

A Condenser and Cooling Tower

  Both condenser and cooling tower should be used together

Part No. Part Name
TH 101-013


The unit is used for studying of heat transfer in a heat exchanger as well as recover condensate for reuse. The unit consists of a counter flow steam tube heat exchanger and instruments for measurement of temperatures and cooling water flow rate.


Typical experiment
 - Condenser heat transfer efficiency
Technical data
 - Type Steam tube
 - Accessories Cooling water pump condensate transfer pump water meter condensate tank.