The unit is designed to simulate modern steam power plant. Main components consist of a feed water system, a small industrial  boiler, a steam turbine, a generator and lamp load, a condenser with a condensate tank and a pump, and a cooling tower. Accessories such as fuel tank, fuel flow meter, feed water meter, and a stack are also included. Instruments are provided for measurement of pressures, temperatures, output voltage and currents.

  • Measurement of feed water and fuel flow rates.
  • Boiler efficiency, turbine generator efficiency, and overall power plant efficiency.
  • Condenser heat transfer efficiency.
  • Cooling tower efficiency.
  • Rankine cycle efficiency.

The boiler set consists of:

Boiler Unit:
 - Type Vertical, water tube.
 - Rated heat output 125 kW (107,000 kcal/h)
 - Equivalent evaporation Approx 200 kg/h steam at 0 kg/cm2 gauge.
 - Maximum working pressure 10 kg/cm2 (0.98 MPa).
 - Measuring instruments:
  • Pressure gauge for steam outlet.
  • Temperatures for feed water, boiler outlet, pressure regulator inlet, and exhaust stack.(including ambient temperature)
 - Safety devices
  • Safety valve.
  • Low level alarm.
  • Level gauge and switch
 - Boiler accessories
  • Steam separator
  • Steam pressure regulator.
  • Feed water pump.
  • Stack, 6 m stainless steel with elbows.
 - Type Forced draft, pressure atomized.
 - Control On-Off.
 - Fuel Diesel or kerosene. (LPG is available as an option.)
Fuel system Stainless steel fuel tank, fuel strainer and fuel meter.
Feed water system:
 - Resin filter for public water.
 - Stainless steel soft water tank.
 - Water meter.
Power supply 380V. 3Ph. 50Hz Other power supply is available on request.


Single-Stage Industrial Steam Turbine
 - Description This is an educational unit steam turbine with measuring instruments and synchronous belt for driving the generator.
Technical data
 - Type Single stage, twin nozzle impulse turbine.
 - Construction : Vacuum cast inconel wheel.
: Stainless steel casing shaft and nozzle.
 - Maximum mechanical output Upto 1.5 kW with superheated steam (optional)
 - Maximum speed Approx 33,000 rpm.
 - Exhaust pressure Atmospheric


Generator and Lamp Load
Measuring instruments
 - Generator speed, voltage and current digital display.


Water Cooled Condenser and Cooling tower.
 Both condenser and cooling tower should be used together.
 TH 102-013 Condenser


The unit allows a study of heat transfer in a heat exchanger as well as recover condensate for reuse.

The unit consists of a counter flow steam tube heat exchanger and instruments for measurement of temperatures, cooling water flow rate.
Technical data
 - Type Steam tube
 - Capacity 95 kW
 - Accessories and instruments

: Cooling water pump 

: Condensate transfer pump    

: Water meter.       

: Condensate tank : Stainless steel.

: Strainer.

: Temperatures sensors for cooling water inlet and outlet.
 TH 136-014 Cooling Tower.


This is an educational unit for recovering of condenser cooling water as well as studying cooling tower efficiency.

A cooling tower is recommended to recycle cooling water in the case TH101-013 condenser is used. The unit consists of a cooling tower unit, a storage tank, a circulating pump and temperature gauges.

Technical data
 - Cooling tower
 - Circulating pump.
 - Wet bulb temperature.


TH 101-021 Sand filter for water with suspension materials.
TH 101-022 Carbon filter for water with odour or rust.
TH 101-031 Pressure digital display.
TH 101-032 Fuel flow totalizer.
TH 101-033 Feed water flow totalizer.
TH 101-035 Cooling water flow digital display.
Portable pH meter
Portable TDS meter


TH 136-020 Electric Super Heater
 - Description The unit provides superheated steam for other use such as for a steam turbine.
Saturated steam from the boiler is further heated in the electric super heater. Instruments are provided for measurement of temperatures and pressure.
Typical experiment
 - Effect of superheated steam on prime mover efficiency.
Technical data
 - Capacity 9 kW
 - Measuring instruments Temperature sensor for steam outlet.
 - Power supply 380V 3ph 50Hz.


TH 136-015 Water Brake Absorber Dynamometer
 - The dynamometer is connected to the turbine for measurement of mechanical output. Speed and torque sensors and   indicators are provided
 - Maximum torque at 4000 rpm Over 12 Nm
 - Maximum speed Over 10000 rpm.
 - Power supply 380V 3ph 50Hz.


TH 136-005EBA Electric boiler instead diesel boiler.
 - Capacity:
 - Maximum steam rate 200 kg/hr.
 - Maximum pressure 10 kg/cm2 gauge.


TH 136-050 Computer Interface
This comprises :
  - Additional sensors include pressure (s) for boiler and turbine inlet fuel flow instead of fuel meter water flow (s) instead of feed and condenser cooling water meters.
  - Computer interface unit pressure (s) temperature (s) fuel flow water flow (s) speed voltage and current and software for data display and analysis by computer (separately supplied).

TH 136-060 LCD Touch screen PLC / Computer Control
Monitor control and regulate of the steam power plant. System equipped with sensors/ actuators for monitoring and controlling the plant via intergraded PLC/ computer Ethernet.
Control for turbine throttle electrical load and optional dynamometer load control relevant sensor(s) instead of standard measuring device(s) as in TH136-050 computer interface unit and software are provided for data display analysis and control by touch screen computer.

Shipping dimensions and weight:       one 20 ft. container.