This equipment is used for studying the stresses in a thin wall cylinder.

A thin wall aluminum alloy cylinder is mounted on a rigid steel frame. Internal pressure is applied to the cylinder by mean of a hydraulic hand pump. Pressure in the cylinder is indicated on a pressure gauge. A hand screw is attached to one end of the frame to operate a piston on one side of the cylinder. By applying the hand screw, only circumferential stress occurs on the cylinder or both circumferential and axial stresses occur.

The strain gauges are fixed onto the cylinder at different angles. Each strain gauge is wired to form a full bridge with temperature compensation gauge and zero adjustment in a bridge box with strain gauge indicator.

  • Measurement of strains and stresses under internal pressures.
  • Determination of Young’s modulus an Poisson’s ratio.
  • Comparison of theoretical stresses and strains with experimental values.
. Cylinder              
  -  Length :   360 mm.          
  -  Outer diameter :   80 mm.          
  -  Maximum internal pressure :   3.5 N/mm2.          
. Pressure gauge   :   50 kg/cm2.          
. Strain gauges   :   6 ea. at different angles.        
. Bridge box and strain indicator :   8 inputs.          
. Power supply :   220V 1Ph 50Hz. Other power supply is available on request.  
. TM 441-050  Computer Interface            
This includes sensor computer interface unit and software for data display and analysis by computer
 (separately supplied).              
Net (unpacked) shipping dimensions WxLxH :  60 x 65 x 48 cm      
Net weight :  Approx. 35 kg