The equipment is used for studying strut buckling under load. It is to be used with ST300 Universal Structural Frame or ST305 Universal Base Frame.

    The top frame has a loading screw which pushes a cylindrical strut support sliding in a bushing. The bottom frame has a load cell and a cylindrical strut support in a socket.

    Each strut has end conditions for knife-edge or built – in. The load reading is by an indicator. A small lateral load is applied by means of a pulley and a weight hanger. A dial indicator measures the lateral deflection.

Top support with a loading screw : 1 ea.              
Bottom support with a load cell : 1 ea.              
ST150 Force indicator : 1 ea.              
Strut specimens :                  
Material : 1 ea. mild steel, brass, aluminum.        
Strut supports :                  
Built in : 2 ea.              
Knife - edge : 2 ea.              
Horizontal load hanger with pulley : 1 set.              
- Weights : 1 lot.              
ST131 Dial indicator : 1 ea.              
Power supply : 220V 1Ph 50Hz.