The apparatus is used for torsion and bending tests on different materials. It is to be used with ST305 Universal Base Frame or ST300 Universal Structural Frame (separately supplied)

The apparatus consists of two columns attached to the base frame. One column has a top support for bending specimen, and a clamp for torsion specimen. The other column also has a top support for bending specimen with a pulley freely rotates in the column.

For bending test, the specimen is placed on or clamped to the supports on top of the columns. Load is applied to the specimen and deflection is measured by a dial gauge.

For torsion test, one end of the specimen is clamped to the column, and the other end is clamped to the pulley. A lever arm is attached to the specimen at any length from the first column. Angle of twist is measured by a dial gauge for the lever movement. Torque is measured by the load and the pulley diameter.

Instruction manual is also included.

  • Bending moment variation at the point of loading
  • Variation of bending moment away from the point of loading
  • Examination of various other loading cases
Columns One with fixed specimen clamp, and one with rotating specimen clamp
Bending supports
  • 2 round
  • 2 fixed with knife edge top
Load hanger 1
Weights 1 lot
  • Round for steel, aluminum and brass
  • Flat for steel, aluminum and brass
ST131 Dial Indicator 1
Software for data display and analysis by computer (separately supplied).
Part No. Part Name

Computer assist

ST133 Digital Indicator with digital output instead of ST131 Dial Indicator

Other optional equipment please contact manufacturer ([email protected])


Net (unassembled) Shipping Dimensions WxLxH 40 x 70 x 15 cm.
Net Weight Approx. 10 kg.