This equipment is for demonstration of gas absorption principles.

The unit consists of two packed absorption columns, one on top of another. The two columns are held together by steel frame and are packed by Raschig glass rings. A centrifugal pump draws a liquid from a feed tank underneath the column and delivers to the top of the column where it falls down through the packing and to the storage tank. Flow rate is indicated on a variable area flow meter.

A gas to be absorbed such as carbon dioxide is drawn from a pressure cylinder through a flow meter and is mixed with an air stream supplied through an air blower. Air flow rate is measured by a flow meter. The mixed gas enters the column at the bottom of the column and rises up to the top.

Pressure tappings and gas sampling points are provided at the bottom, middle and top of the column to measure pressure drops by manometers. Carbon dioxide content is determined by a Hempl apparatus. All instruments are mounted on a panel.

  • Principles of liquid-gas absorption in a packed column.
  • Methods of gas and liquid analysis.
  • Determination of mass transfer coefficient.
  • Mass balancing over the packed absorption column.
  • Hydrodynamic characteristics of a packed column.
Pack column :   2 ea. connected in series.
-  Material :   Borosilicate glass.
-  Size :   75 mm diameter x 0.7 m long.
Packing :   Raschig rings.
-  Volume :   6 l.
Feed tank :   50 l.
Pump :   1 ea for liquid.
Air blower :   1 ea rotary type.
Measuring instruments :    
-    Rotameters :   3 ea for air, gas, and solvent.
-    Manometers    
Water :   1 ea.
Mercury :   1 ea.
Carbon dioxide     :   1 bottle.
Power supply  :   220 V 1 Ph 50 Hz. Other power supply is available on request.
Net (unpacked) Shipping Dimensions WxLxH : 100x130x160 cm.
Net Weight : Approx. 170 kg